Brenderup Trailers

Brenderup Trailers

Completion Date: May 2007

Description: This 17,600 square foot project was constructed on previously undisturbed property located at 2800 South County Road in Midland, Texas.

Joyce Builders designed this pre-engineered facility along with client direction provided by Chris, Pat, and Simon Barr.

We provided a septic system, water well, sidewalks, approaches, truck ramp, and paved parking to accommodate the employees and customers while meeting all State of Texas and Midland County regulations.

The building features 4,000 square feet designated as administrative including a large reception area, six offices, restrooms, break room, 9,600 square foot covered shed, 85,000 square feet of caliche base, and 800 lineal feet of 8ft tall privacy fencing.

This project was completed in 9 months.